Balance – set of 6

Currently on display at She art gallery in Nuenen. / Momenteel beschikbaar bij She art gallery in Nuenen.

This set consists of 6 wall panels in different sizes decorated with several layers of coloured resin in lovely ocean blue’s and sea greens. In the depth you’ll see a pearly shimmer, like rippled sand glistening in the sun underneath the water. The layers resemble ocean waves that are always in search of balance. To make the layers I place the panels out of balance so the resin runs only in one direction. A perfect fit for the (im) balance theme where I played with imbalance to get a balanced outcome in the end. The composition forms an organic darker patch in the middle, that binds all the pieces together as one.

The panels have a modern aluminium rim that varies in depth. 3 panels have a 4 cm rim and the other 3 a 3 cm rim. This adds to the playfulness of this piece aswell as the randomly placed drops.


51 x 4 cm
40,5 x 4 cm
30,5 x 3 xm
20,5 c 3 cm
10,5 x 3 cm
9,5 x 4 cm

Much more beautiful in real life as they are hard to photograph. Price on request.

Don’t place your resin artworks in direct sunlight or near/above a heatsource.

Picture of Marlies Geldof

Marlies Geldof

My name is Marlies Geldof. I specialize in resin art, structural art and acrylic pouring techniques.

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