Blue Lagoon – 30 & 42 cm

Available at the Hofgalerie in Den Haag. / Beschikbaar bij de Hofgalerie in Den Haag.


Do you ever feel like dipping your toes in a tropical blue lagoon? I certainly dream about that now and then. But what if you could have a little piece of that lagoon in your home? You might nog be able to plunge in it, but you can definitely dream away in the depth of that beautiful blue. Lovely layered high gloss resin in a gorgeous blue gradient finished with a modern aluminium rim. These panels can be hung in 2 ways. Due to an extra hanging system on the back you can turn this piece around whenever you like.

Marlies Geldof

Marlies Geldof

My name is Marlies Geldof. I specialize in resin art, structural art and acrylic pouring techniques.

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