Contradiction 1 (set of 3 mini’s)

Available at the Hofgalerie in Den Haag. / Beschikbaar bij de Hofgalerie in Den Haag.

It was only a matter of time before I made these. I was first inspired by the elegance of a drop shape and made multiple pieces that all had a connection with water. Crackle is also one of my favourite materials to work with. And the contradiction between the rough dry crackle and the beauty of a waterdrop shape feels like a fun inside joke to me. But this contradiction also seems highly accurate at the moment, with all our quests about climate change. So let these be a reminder to take care of our beautiful planet.

This set will be the first set in a series of ‘Contradiction’ droplets where water and drought are leading sources of inspiration.

Marlies Geldof

Marlies Geldof

My name is Marlies Geldof. I specialize in resin art, structural art and acrylic pouring techniques.

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