Nautilus – 90 cm

Currently on display at She art gallery in Nuenen. / Momenteel beschikbaar bij She art gallery in Nuenen.

This piece is currently available at Art Villa Gooi in Hilversum / Dit werk is momenteel te zien bij Art Villa Gooi in Hilversum.

Gorgeous¬† goldleaf shell like shape incaptured in multiple layers of a blueish/greenish resin. The colour changes with changes in light. The goldleaf seems to be floating as it’s applied inbetween layers, giving a nice shadow effect.

Please don’t place your resin artwirks in direct sunlight or near a heatsource.

Picture of Marlies Geldof

Marlies Geldof

My name is Marlies Geldof. I specialize in resin art, structural art and acrylic pouring techniques.

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